Student Artist Yearbook Cover Design Contest

The production of the Bayview Glen P.S. 2021-2022 yearbook is now underway and we invite all our students in both face to face and hybrid learning models to submit their very own cover design.

  • The cover design should contain the title ‘Bayview Glen P.S. Yearbook’.
  • The cover design should include the year ‘2021 – 2022’.
  • All students are welcome to participate.
  • Students can use any medium they like –pencil crayons, markers or digital tools— to design the cover. The design should be vibrant, colourful and appealing!
  • Student artists are welcome and encouraged to ‘sign’ their work, but should do so modestly in a corner of the page.
  • The cover dimensions for the yearbook are standard paper (8.5 inch x 11 inch) oriented in portrait fashion.
  • Student cover submissions can be dropped off at the office or shared electronically with
  • Student artwork can be sent in through Tuesday, April 19th.

We will review all cover submissions and determine the Bayview Glen P.S. cover design winner which will grace the front of the Yearbook when it’s prepared in the Spring.

We look forward to seeing our students’ creativity!