Drop Off and Pick Up Safety

Parents and guardians who have dropped off or picked up their child (or children) at Bayview Glen P.S. have observed that the area is especially busy before and after school.  Limcombe Drive is a narrow street, we have four school buses that serve our community (and they occupy dedicated space directly in front of the school) and our school parking lot is small.  Likewise, we have students who are picked up and dropped off by family members every day, as well as students who walk to and from school.

Understandably, our primary concern is with the safety of our students, staff and community members.  To this end, we have reached out to our partners at York Regional Police to observe our traffic flow during drop off and pick up times in the interest of maximizing safety and have invited a Community Oriented Response officer to observe and offer recommendations.

In the interest of our collective safety, we would ask for your continued support in these areas:

  • We ask for your patience during pickup and drop off, and encourage you to walk your child to and from school whenever possible.
  • We remind all drivers to drive with particular care in and around the school. We share a common interest in providing a safe environment for our almost 200 students and we ask that all drivers approach the school patiently, with consideration for pedestrian traffic, other drivers, and the staff on duty.  We would especially remind drivers to avoid distractions such as texting or using the phone.
  • For those driving, please do not park in the bus drop off zone. Park only where there is legal parking, further down Limcombe Drive or on adjacent streets, as permitted.  We remind parents not to park diagonally on Limcombe Drive.  While this may allow for more cars to fit in, it requires drivers to back out onto Limcombe Drive at the busiest times with limited visibility.  Similarly, we remind drivers not to park on Limcombe Drive opposite the school and beckon students to walk between vehicles and across the very busy road.
  • When dropping off a child (or children) in the parking lot, drivers are asked to pull into the furthest available walkway-side spot and take care when merging back into the inner driving lane. No student should be dropped off from the inner driving lane (or a parking spot) and subsequently walk across driving lanes and between vehicles.
  • When picking up a child (or children) in the parking lot, if you do not see your child, do not stop anywhere in the driving lane and wait, rather continue around the Kiss and Ride and pull in beside the walkway only when you see your child.
  • At no time should a vehicle be left unattended or otherwise parked in the Kiss and Ride.

We would kindly ask for your cooperation in supporting these measures, and we appreciate your patience in dropping off and picking up your children.  We thank you for your support in helping keep everyone safe at our school, and we would encourage you to review these (and general road safety) rules with your children.  With Winter approaching, we especially want to take care at pickup and drop off times.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the school.