Building Social Skills Guide

Social skills like apologizing, turn-taking, dealing with disappointment, decision-making, sharing, respecting personal space and more, can help prepare students for success in many areas of their lives. There are many ways children can learn these skills, and many ways adults can help to develop and nurture them.

York Region District School Board has developed a user-friendly guide full of tips, resources and ideas to help caregivers and other adults:

  • Determine what social skills to teach,
  • How to teach them, and
  • How to support any child who many benefit from direct instruction and practice in learning social skills.

Play. Talk. Think. Feel: A User-Friendly Guide for Building Social Skills in Children covers a wide variety of skills and includes a number of activities, games, resources and more that can be used by family members, caregivers, educators and others to support social skill development.

We hope you find this resource helpful in promoting our common goal of supporting student achievement and well-being.