Re-organization of Classes

Dear Families,

Each year we monitor, on a regular basis, the changes that takes place between June and September in our school’s enrolment.  With the addition of Covid -19 reopening structures such as virtual school and class size adjustments, this has resulted in large changes in our student enrollment here at school. 

In order to accommodate our reopening structures and class size reduction strategy, we will have to reorganize significantly, moving many students between classes. 

We realize that change can be difficult for students once they have made a connection with a teacher and routines have been established.  Our staff will work closely with one another and the students to minimize the impact that any changes will have on their routines.  We continue to appreciate your support in this process and know that we can count on your parenting expertise to assist your child with adapting quickly and positively to the new structure.

If your child will be affected by these changes, you will receive more information in the coming days that outlines the new class your child is in and the location of that class. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. For students changing models (moving from Face to Face into Virtual or moving from Virtual into Face to Face) this move will be effective Monday, October 5th. For students moving to Elementary Virtual Schools (EVS), further details about the transition will be communicated by EVS staff by Friday October 2nd.

Our thanks for your ongoing support of the school.