Lost … and Not Found?

Traditionally, we’ve been able to collect misplaced student items in a ‘Lost and Found’ bin, where students could rummage through to find their belongings and eventually items could be displayed in the school foyer for the community to view and retrieve.  Given the current situation, we are not able to continue with those earlier practices and inevitably we won’t be able to store unclaimed items indefinitely.  And to make matters more challenging, the range of temperature on these Fall days finds students going out to recess with jackets and sweatshirts … and leaving them behind on the field and tarmac, notwithstanding our many reminders to students to collect all their items.

But you can help!  The easiest way to ensure your children don’t lose their items is to label them.  While we make efforts to return lost items to students whenever possible, we are far more successful when students’ names –a label sticker or even simply a name in permanent marker on an inner clothing tag–can be found.

We thank you for your support in helping reunite lost items with their owners!