Updated Health Forms

Last week we shared about a number of health-related forms that need to be completed for students with anaphylactic and/or other medical conditions.  These forms have now been updated to allow you to fill them in electronically, and they are linked below.

If your child has an anaphylactic condition please complete an Anaphylactic Health Care Plan.  Similarly, complete an Asthma Health Care Plan, a Type 1 Diabetes Health Care Plan or an Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder Health Care Plan, as needed.  Finally, if your child has any other medical condition please complete a general Health Care Plan.  We’d kindly ask that any of these forms be completed and sent in with your child on the first day of school, as appropriate.

Please note, these forms must be completed annually for children with an anaphylactic and/or other medical conditions.  We thank our community for their help with gathering this important information.