Arriving and Departing from School

We are grateful that the municipality has completed much of its work on Limbcombe Drive, and the street in front of the school has been freshly paved.  Still, a good deal of construction is continuing throughout the subdivision, and patience and care is needed in and around the school area when dropping off and picking up students.

As always, families who live within walking distance are encouraged to use active travel, including walking or rolling (cycling, scootering, skateboarding) to and from school.

For students who take the school bus, please ensure that your child is at the bus stop in advance of the time given to you on  Be patient, as the buses are sometimes delayed by traffic. Parents and guardians of students who are eligible to receive school bus transportation per the Board’s Transportation Policy should review the following items:

  • Understand the need to make alternative arrangements for your child/children if the school bus is late.
  • Refer to the Late Bus Report on the Student Transportation Services website at before leaving for the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons.
  • Should ensure your child(ren) arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the regularly scheduled pick-up and drop-off times (10 minutes during the first week of school).
  • Ensure your child/children’s safety and conduct while walking to, from and waiting at a designated bus stop.
  • Make alternate arrangements for your children if they are unable to meet them at a bus stop. To help ensure student safety, Student Transportation Services recommends students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 are met at their bus stop by a parent or guardian, and age appropriate arrangements made for all other grades.
  • While waiting at bus stops, students, parents and guardians are asked to wear a face mask and maintain physical distancing between family groupings. Physical distancing of 2 metres is recommended.
  • Once the bus arrives, students should line up while maintaining physical distancing.
  • No more than one student should access the entry stairs of the bus at a time. Students should proceed to their seat as quickly as possible.
  • Students will be assigned seats at the beginning of the year and will be expected to sit in their designated seat.
  • Know your child(ren)’s route number.  Please review these with your child(ren).
  • Know your child(ren)’s bus stop location.
  • Know the school and bus company phone number in the event of an emergency.

Parents/guardians who drive your children to school, we are anticipating an increase in traffic in and around the school, as well as ongoing construction throughout the subdivision.  Please review the following items:

  • We ask for your patience during pickup and drop off, and encourage you to walk your child to and from school whenever possible.
  • All drivers, please drive with particular care in and around the school. We share a common interest in providing a safe environment for our students and we ask that all drivers approach the school patiently, with consideration for pedestrian traffic, other drivers, and the staff on duty. We would especially remind drivers to avoid distractions such as texting or using the phone.
  • When dropping off a child (or children), drivers are asked to pull into the parking lot and pull up alongside the walkway, but not coming onto the walkway, taking care when merging back into the inner driving lane. All students should exit on the sidewalk side. No student should be dropped off from the driver’s side of the vehicle and subsequently walk between vehicles to the sidewalk.
  • At no time should a vehicle be left unattended or otherwise parked in the parking lot. If you want to get out of your vehicle, please park further along Limcombe Drive beyond the designated bus drop off zone, or an adjacent side street where permitted.
  • Parents and guardians are to pull out of the parking lot as quickly and as safely as possible. Please do not use this time to socialize with other parents or staff.
  • At pick up if you do not see your child (or children), drivers are asked to continue to circle the parking lot, as needed. Drivers should not stop anywhere in the driving lane to pick up their child, rather continue around the parking lot and pull up alongside the sidewalk only when they see their child. Children should never cross through driving lanes to an awaiting vehicle.
  • We ask that you kindly do not park in the staff parking lot.

Students who use bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters to travel to school:

  • Must wear a helmet.
  • Must walk while on school property.
  • Should lock bicycles and secure other items (rollerblades, skateboards or scooters), as needed.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support.