End of Year Messages

Every year at this time, I issue an end-of-year message to the community, adapting it slightly in each iteration to reflect the comings and goings of different staff and other such transitional matters.  This year, however, changes to more than a few words are plainly warranted.

Each year, I traditionally thank all of our students, parents, guardians and staff.  And while I wish to extend those thanks once again, I do so with even more conviction and gratefulness than ever before.  Thank you to our staff who’ve worked so diligently to redefine their professional practice in support of student well-being and achievement, and who’ve continued to learn and improve on their practices each and every week.  Thank you to our parents, guardians and community members for partnering with us in new and unexpected ways; we sincerely value your commitment.  We are deeply appreciative of every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling and caregiver who helped our learners navigate and learn from home.  And of course, thank you to our students, who have had to contend with the most disruption in their lives and have risen to the challenges of the occasion admirably.  On behalf of the school, we would also like to thank the School Council for their tireless efforts and continued support and encouragement of our students and the school.  In particular, the organization, readiness and foresight of our School Council early in the year enabled us to accomplish a great deal over the Fall and Winter, which bodes exceedingly well for the school moving forward.  The accomplishments of our partnership are significant and we look forward to continuing this positive and collaborative relationship with the School Council next year.

To our grade sixes, best wishes as you head off to the next stop on your educational journey.  While this obviously wasn’t the final farewell any of us had hoped for, you move onward and upward.  You have contributed greatly to our school and will always be a part of the Bayview Glen Public School family.  As you continue on in other schools, remember that you continue to represent Bayview Glen Public School, and your accomplishments continue to reflect on us, so make us proud.  To the members of our community who are moving, thanks for your contributions to the school and we extend our best wishes as you begin in your new communities.

June is also a time for good-byes.  Mr. Singh and Ms. Vienneau will be leaving Bayview Glen P.S. at the end of this year.  We wish them the best of luck in their new schools.  A number of term staff also complete their appointments this year including Ms. Samara Ejchental, Ms. Jaymie Huynh and Ms. Lauren Ptasznik.  As well, Ms. Jordana Curci and Ms. Anna Kemp will be on leave next year and we wish them great health and happiness over the months ahead.  We thank all these staff for their support of our school.  In the Fall, we welcome back Ms. Marni Longo to the school.  Similarly, we look forward to welcoming some new staff to our school in September from other schools across the region.

The 2020 – 2021 school year begins on Tuesday September 8, 2020.  In past years, at this point, I’d share preliminary procedures around the first day of school.  I’ll refrain from doing so yet, given uncertainties regarding school reopening plans.  Needless to say, information will be shared over the summer, as it becomes available.

In closing, we would like to wish all of our students and our amazing Bayview Glen P.S. community an enjoyable and safe summer!  We hope for nothing more than to see everyone on September 8, 2020.