Help in Planning for 2020-21

Our school is now well underway in planning for 2020- 2021.  In some respects, the work we do now is especially important, because our accuracy with anticipated enrollment helps us better plan, and optimistically, minimizes the need to move students across classes (‘reorganize’) in September.  We’ve been especially fortunate the past two years to have had only minimal reorganization to classes, though it is important to recognize this is always a possibility in any given year.

Expectedly, the current situation presents some particular challenges.  With the physical building closed, we may have less direct contact with prospective families inquiring at the school.  Similarly, without answering our phones, we’re not able to as immediately field registration-related questions.  We would ask our community for its help!

If you know you will be moving out of the area in the months ahead or know your child will not be returning to Bayview Glen P.S. next year for any reason, please let the office know as soon as possible, to help us be accurate with our enrollment estimates. Similarly, if you have a child who will be joining us at the school for the first time in junior kindergarten (or any other grade) and have yet to register, we would ask you to do so at your earliest convenience.  And if you meet someone moving into the community, or have a neighbour with kindergarten-aged children, please encourage them to register sooner rather than later!  To update any information or get the registration process started, simple email

This year presents some unique challenges for us in preparing for next year, so we thank everyone in our community in advance for their support with our school planning.