Learning Ahead!

We hope all our families are well during these challenging times.  We recognize the fundamental importance of well-being, and we remind our community of the availability of resources linked  on the YRDSB website including Tips for Speaking with Your Child About COVID-19 and How to Support Mental Health During COVID-19.  If your or your family need support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our director Louise Sirisko will have shared with families about the board’s Learning and Caring Plan which will guide our schools efforts in the weeks ahead.  On Monday, April 6th we will be implementing initial learning activities considering accommodations for students.  You can expect to receive more information from your children’s teachers in the days ahead.  Our staff have collaborated over the last two weeks, and have worked hard to quickly learn about online teaching environments and leveraging virtual tools to support students.  Similarly, not all of our students and families have had the opportunity to prepare for this transition in modes of teaching.  Indeed, it may be challenging to address some curriculum expectations through online learning.  Likewise, our staff our working together to plan for the needs of all of our students, including students with special education needs and English language learners.  Together, all of us will work in the common interest of our children and their learning.

As outlined by the letter you received previously from the Minister of Education, teachers will deliver learning by grade groupings as follows:

  • Kindergarten to grade three: Five hours of work per student per week, with a focus on literacy and math
  • Grades four to six: Five hours of work per week, with a focus on literacy, math, science, and social studies

Next week, as teachers begin implement online learning, we ask for your patience and understanding as we begin to clarify learning expectations with students.  We will develop and extend on our practices week on week.  And while this situation obviously wasn’t planned for, the weeks ahead will nonetheless be an exciting time for our school and community.  We will begin our migration to online learning and remain committed to our own professional growth, opportunities to collaborate with our families, and engage our students in learning.  We look forward to it.

We do understand that some families in our community have requested technology and internet service, or access to their child’s technology which is stored in the school.  The school district will be reaching out to families in the coming week with additional information and around protocols to access online learning.

Lastly, we want to continue our efforts to build a positive climate for learning at Bayview Glen P.S., even in the absence of the physical building.  We will continue with daily announcements in teachers’ learning environments, acknowledging students’ birthdays and recognizing faith days of significance to our community, among other things.  And as is our custom at Bayview Glen P.S., we want to identify students of good character with a Royal Roar.  Has your child done something worth sharing during this time of social distancing and quarantine?  Do you have something to share about your child’s good character?  We want to hear all about it!  Please submit a Royal Roar to roar@bayviewglenps.com and feel free to attach photograph of your child (or the product of their good character) for us to share (… our green screen is presently inaccessible!)

Rest assured, we will persevere through the challenges ahead … Bayview Glen P.S. staff, students and community.

Stay safe and healthy.  Our thanks for your partnership, as always.