EQAO: Release of School and Board Results

Each Spring, students across Ontario complete province-wide assessments of their reading, writing and math skills at key stages in their elementary and secondary school education.  At Bayview Glen P.S. students in grade three have Literacy and Math tested at the end of the primary division and in students in grade 6 gave Literacy and Math tested at the end of the junior division.

The tests are administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), an arm’s-length agency of the Ministry of Education.  EQAO distributes an individual report to each student who writes the tests and posts schoolschool board and provincial results on its Web site.  EQAO results for 2018-19 province-wide assessments are now available.

The briefest synopsis of results can be found below, reflecting the percentage of students at or above the provincial standard in 2018-19.  The full School Report provides significantly more detail about many other areas of importance.


EQAO assessment data is used by the school as an additional source of information to support the improvement of student learning.  Improving student learning is an ongoing, gradual process and we will continue to look for sustained growth in achievement over time.  Please note that our Board does not support the use of results to rank or compare schools.

We look forward to working with our school and community partners to understand the results from this assessment and other classroom assessment data in an effort to move the improvement planning agenda forward on behalf of all our students.

Our thanks for your ongoing support.