Hour of Code … at Home!


Today kicks off Computer Science Education Week (December 3-9, 2018) where many students from all over the world will be participating in The Hour of Code.  While computer programming–coding–is not yet a prominent part of the Provincial curriculum, many students at our school take part.  While coding may seem intimidating, at first, the Hour of Code is intended for even the earliest beginner –no experience is needed whatsoever!

This may be a wonderful opportunity to try something new with your children at home, too!  If you want to get involved, simply visit code.org with your child and find an appropriate activity.  Code using Minecraft!  Create your on Google logo!  Make your very own ‘flappy’ game!  There are activities geared for all ages, even pre-readers!  While many students may get a small taste of coding in the weeks and months ahead, don’t hesitate to bring coding into your own home.

Happy Coding!