The Lion’s Pride


As many of you know, last year Bayview Glen P.S. branded itself anew, the Bayview Glen Royals, with a lion as its mascot.  In keeping with this theme, we will be launching a number of new community building and character initiatives.  The first initiative is our Lion’s Pride, dedicated to celebrating what is amazing in each and every one of us!

One of our display cases in the entrance foyer is now the Lion’s Pride!  In an effort to get to know each other better and share a little bit about ourselves with the community, our staff are displaying items of personal meaning to them in the showcase.  Please drop by the foyer in the weeks ahead as our staff put in items of significance to them, and learn a little bit more about the amazing teachers, educational assistants, office staff and caretakers that work at Bayview Glen P.S.!

Over the course of the year, each classroom will also have a chance to ‘take over’ the Lion’s Pride and share what makes its students special.  We look forward to celebrating what is amazing about your child this year!