Reading at Home!


While students read at school each and every day, students should also read at home in the evenings, on the weekends and over holidays.  One of the easiest ways for us to support this is by encouraging our children to read a variety of books for pleasure.

We wanted to remind our community that in addition to our sizable school library, Bayview Glen P.S. families have access to various on-line collections.  Bookflix is a sizeable online resource you can access with the user id dsbyork and the password dsby7692.  Please consider using these this excellent resource when reading with your children at home throughout the year, or encouraging them to read independently on a computer or tablet (and of course, encourage them to read physical books too!)

Does your child speak a different first language?  Then read in that language, too!  Unite for Literacy is a free multi-platform website that contains dozens of early reading books across a number of themes, as well as a narration feature that will allow students to read or be read to, making it a worthwhile home activity for early readers.  While this is quite similar to other book repositories, Unite for Literacy also provides multilingual narration alongside the English narration, where your child might follow along the text with English narration and first-language translation, enabling them to work on reading skills and learn the language of instruction simultaneously.

If your child enjoys reading and learning on-line, here are some other popular early literacy related sites he or she can access: StarfallStoryplaceKidsreads, and Funbrain.  Happy reading!