Parking Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our number one concern is the safety of the children.

Thank you to those parents who are parallel parking on the school side of the street.

We are still seeing the below unsafe actions during drop-off and pick-up.  We ask that you please remember some very important safety reminders for Drop off:

  • Parking on a diagonal is very unsafe with approaching on-coming cars.
  • Parking on the other side of the road by the homes is unsafe, signs are up no stopping, which also means no parking, it is an area where you will get ticketed. It is private property, there is no shoulder to park on.
  • New Orange poles are now in place.  Please park parallel alongside of them, not in between them.
  • The speed limit is 40KM on Limcombe Dr.
  • Have your child exit the vehicle on the sidewalk side NOT the road side of vehicle, this is extremely unsafe.
  • Making U-Turns at the entrance of our school parking lot is unsafe for walkers.
  • The Parking lot is for parents coming in for appointments, other services that come to see our students, and our staff.  We ask that you please do not use the parking lot as a drop off .  Please do not park at entrance of our parking lot.  The one exception is for those who have an Accessible Parking Permit.