Book Fair this week! Nov 20- 23

You should have received a hard copy of  a newsletter  with a schedule on the back , and a Book Fair flyer from Ms. Huynh last week .   If you are not sure of when your child’s class is booked to visit, please ask their teacher.

Students will visit the Book Fair during school.  It will be open after school on Thursday, November 23 from 3-4:30pm.

If you would like to preselect a book from the flyer, then you  can use the ‘Books I Want to Read’ form on the back of the flyer to select books.  Simply send the form and the exact amount of money in a ‘baggie’ to school with your child, and that book will be sent home.

(Taxes are included in the prices.  Please make cheques out to Bayview Glen P.S.)

Don’t forget to enter our Family Event Draw found on the back of the scholastic flyer. The draw form needs to be filled out and sent to school to be put into the ‘draw box’ at the book fair. You could win $25 in books for your family and $25 in books for your child’s classroom.

Thank you for supporting our library and our readers!

Happy Reading!