Road Safety and Parking


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Many of you may know that the School Council Co-chairs (Voula Kladis and Maris Langer) and myself have been working with the Town of Markham since the beginning of the school year around our road safety and parking signs. Please see below regarding some of the changes to come.  There will be more improvements when we hear back from the Sign department at the Town of Markham.

Dear Ms Cockburn,

In response to your traffic concerns, we completed a review of the Bayview Glen School Zone and have the following information for you.

  • The City will be installing flexible posts on the north side of Limcombe Dr, to separate the sidewalk from the drop-off area.  This will provide proper guidance to prevent drivers from encroaching onto the sidewalk.  Work will be completed before the end of the year.  We will return in the spring to repaint the faded white pavement markings.
  • We completed a speed study and found the vehicular operating speeds to be 38 km/h.; the posted speed is 40 km/h.  Therefore, there is no speeding issue.
  • We will be installing missing 40 km/h speed signs at either end of the school zone.
  • York Region Police will be requested to enhance their enforcement efforts at the all-way stop control on Limcombe Dr and Laureleaf Dr during the morning and evening peak hours.

We encourage all City of Markham residents to utilize the Road Watch program to report aggressive driving by filling out a citizen report form.  For more information on the program and to fill out a citizen report, please visit