Bayview Glen PS runners and coaches attended  a very cold, rainy, and windy day at Concord-Thornhill Regional Park for our Area Cross Country Run,  Out of 150 students in the West Area our Junior students ran very well.  Jack placed 2nd, Mikey 6th, Quincy 9th, Leona placed 6th, Gloria finished 8th and Ivy finished 12th. In the Grade 5 boys run,  Jayden placed 6th.  In the Grade 6 boys run, Jonathan placed 21st and Joshua placed 26th.  In Grade 6 girls Angela placed 26th.

As a school team based on points out of 24 schools BGPS  we placed 2nd overall!  The grade 4 students finished 3rd overall.  As a result some of our students attended the YRDSB Regionals  and competed against the best of the best in all of York Region.

The Regional Cross County Meet was held at the ROC recreational resort in Georgia. Hundreds of students attended from across YRDSB.   BGPS had 16 students who ran, with many of our students finishing with their personal best.   Jayden finished 27th, Jack finished 31st, and Mikey finished 52nd.

Fun was had by all. Thank you to the coaches, Ms. Connolly and Ms. Haas for their dedication with over 40  students who were part of  the Cross Country Team this year.

Congratulations to all!!!!