Bayview Glen SNAP



Did you know you are in a SNAP Neighbourhood?

 I had the pleasure of meeting with the program’s staff and this is what you will want to know.

SNAP, Sustainable Neighbourhoods Retrofit Action Plan, is an internationally recognized neighbourhood-based strategy for environmental excellence, climate adaptation and urban renewal.

Bayview Glen SNAP, a collaboration between Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the City of Markham, was selected as one out of six pilot neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. The action plan was finalized in 2015 with extensive input from many community residents and was received by City Council in May of 2016. It builds on the Greenprint, Markham’s Community Sustainability Plan.


Bayview Glen SNAP is an integrated action plan involving both public and private realms that will foster local sustainability and wellbeing through improvements in five core areas: water efficiency; flood prevention; ecosystem integrity; energy and climate; access and mobility; and identity and culture. Along with a residential program (more below), the action plan includes park renewal, incorporating ecological, recreational and cultural features and right-of-way renewal, including green infrastructure for stormwater management and sustainable transportation.


The Bayview Glen Action Plan was the proud recipient of 2016’s National Award of Excellence for New Directions from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.


Here is how this program can help and benefit you!


Residential Program:

 To transform Bayview Glen into a national leader in sustainability, SNAP launched in the summer of 2016 a residential retrofit program to help residents make their homes more efficient and prepare for climate change. The program offers free 45 minute home consultation and a FREE fruit/shade tree (planted). This program has now been extended to those that reside in the school’s catchment area!   Skilled advisors discuss with residents key retrofits for their home and offer valuable information on existing technologies, programs and rebates, including:

Electric Vehicles

Efficient Swimming Pools

Energy and Water Conservation Retrofits

Flood Proofing and Reduction of Inflow and Infiltration to the Sanitary System

Replacement of Dying Trees

Butterfly Gardens


Free trees will be planting in the spring of 2018.


If you would like to take advantage of SNAPs Programs and get a home consultation, you can contact an advisor at 416-786-5064. Or email

To learn more about SNAP, visit:

They are on Facebook and Twitter (@TRCA_SNAP) too!