Hello from your Bayview Glen Public School Parent Council!


We have already had 2 BGPS Council meetings, where we have met to elect an Executive Committee as well as begin to plan some great things for the Year ahead.  We meet on a monthly basis, in the library, from 7-8pm, on the first Monday of every Month. We had a great turn out at our Movie Night, thank you for your participation!!

The elected Executive Committee members are as follows;

Voula Kladis                     Co-chair (re-elected)

Maris Langer                    Co-Chair (elected)

Jennifer Leung                 Treasurer (elected)

Vaz Qazi                           Secretary (elected)

For those of you that do not know, we continue to fund the following items for the school:

  • 1 Head Lice check
  • Scientists in the Classrooms
  • Halloween and Valentine’s day dances (Entertainment)
  • Cost-sharing technology purchase

As a Committee we cannot plan and execute events alone, so we are looking for parent involvement as much as possible.  We all have different work schedules and different responsibilities that keep us busy but we hope that you can make the time to participate in our events.

Our Fresh from the Farm orders will be here soon for pickup!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meetings and events.