Grade 5’s York Region Police Experience

The day we were York Region Police!

 The day we got to be police we taught many parents how to be safe. A few days before, we made posters and tickets with little messages on how to be safe especially in the school zone.

On the day we got to be police, we got to use the radar gun to make sure the parents weren’t going over the speed limit of 40. We also made sure they did not park in the bus zone or park somewhere they are not supposed to. Also, we made sure they stopped at the stop sign, and no U-turns.

After the second bell rang, we got to go inside and look around the police cars. Inside the police car we got to see the area where the prisoners are held and where the police men sit.


They have security cameras to make sure the prisoners don’t try to escape or do something bad. They also have metal bars so they will not try to unlock the door. In the front there are lots of cool buttons and gadgets that do lots of cool things.

One of the other police had a pickup truck and that was very cool because we never saw a police pickup truck. In the back, they keep emergency gadgets which are enormously huge. After that we had to go back to class but before that they gave us sticker badges. It said “York Region Police’’.

We had a very fun time being polices, teaching the parents to be safe, and taking a look inside the police cars!



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