Top 10 reasons to join School Council

The Top 10 Reasons To Join Bayview Glen Public School’s Parent Council

10. It is a great way to meet other families with children the same age as your own!

9. You will become a great part of your children’s early learning experiences!

8. You can help raise money for a great cause – your children’s education!

7. It is one more way to meet and talk with school administrators like the principal and        office staff

6. You can create, plan and execute fun events for the whole family!

5. If you work it out the commitment is not too much.

4. The occasional evening meeting and the odd school fundraiser

3. Camaraderie!

2. You’ll experience feelings of self-worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts pay off in the smiles of your children and their friends!

1. AND finally, the number one reason to join us….. WE NEED YOU!!!


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